Space Facts – Top 6 Interesting Facts About Space

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The universe (observable universe) has so many deep dark secrets to be unfolded. The mysteries of the universe will always be a riddle to be solved. There is still so little known about space, but whatever we know are some extraordinary amazing things. In this article, we will try to uncover space facts – top 6 interesting facts about space like there are giant clouds of alcohol in space to how much space junk or space debris we humans have created around planet Earth.

There Are Giant Clouds Of Alcohol In Space

An Alcohol gas cloud in the constellation of Aquila
Credit: ESO.ORG
In the year 1995, stargazers and astronomers discovered an extraordinary gas cloud near Constellation Aquila, completely made up of pure alcohol. Are we serious here? I mean, space is a cold and barren place but still who would have thought about the existence of space beer or simply I can say having an abundance of alien beer. It’s like space booze that can fill around 400 trillions trillions pints of beer. But don’t get so much excited; it’s like thousands of light-years away from our solar system. So just hang on till the time we have faster than the speed of light space cars to reach there.

Olympus Mons Of Mars Is The Tallest Mountain In The Solar System

Viking 1 orbiter view of Olympus Mons with its summit Caldera, Escarpment, and Aureole
Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Olympus Mons of Mars is the tallest mountain in the Solar System which is located on planet Mars. Its height is nearly 22 km (72,000 ft. above sea level) making it about two and a half times taller than the tallest mountain on earth i.e Mount Everest (8.84 km i,e 29,029 ft. above sea level). It is also by far one of the most exclusive fun facts about mars.


If Earth’s Size Could Be Compressed To Ping-Pong Ball; The Earth Would Collapse On Itself And Become A Black Hole

Credit: Wikimedia Commons
If we could squeeze the entire mass of the planet earth into the size of a ping-pong ball, the Earth will eventually collapse on itself and become a Blackhole. In the year 1916, this phenomenon was theoretically calculated by the German Astronomer and Physicist Karl Schwarzschild while calculating the exact solution for Albert Einstein’s Theory Of General Relativity. Although, this is a hypothetical situation still, can you imagine?

Moon Is Moving Away From Earth

Some astronomers have calculated that Moon is Moving away from Earth towards the Sun at the rate of approx 3.78 cm with each passing year. Well, without the presence of the moon around the Earth, the Earth will become unstable and could seriously affect life on the planet. But you don’t need to worry, this whole drifting process of the moon could take billions of years to happen. so chill !!!!

The Sun Accounts For 99% Mass Of The Solar System

One of the most interesting facts about the solar system is that the sun lies at the center of the solar system. And in our solar system, the mass of the sun accounts for 99% mass of the solar system, which means that the combined mass of all the planets, moons, asteroids, etc constitutes less than 1% mass of the solar system. When I heard about that, my mind was blown. According to scientific research and astronomers, the diameter of the sun is approximately 109 times the diameter of the earth. In more simple terms, more than one million earth could fit inside the sun.

Around 20,000 Pieces Of Space Junk Is Revolving Around Earth

it’s pretty busy up there
Credit: NASA
One can think that we humans have created a lot of trash on our planet earth, you should see that we have created a lot of mess around Earth’s uppermost atmosphere too. Around 21,000 (maybe more) pieces of space junk are revolving around the earth. Space junk or in more scientific terms – Space Debris is a collection of trash that we humans leave in space while sending our satellites in their respective orbits. Though in today’s world we humans have been putting more and more space satellites to make our life easy on the earth, that doesn’t mean we should pollute outer space. If we won’t stop doing that, then maybe it is obvious that in the future, space debris or space junk will create potential hazards to the livelihood of our planet earth.

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If we talk about the recent incident related to the falling of space debris, on May 11, A Chinese Rocket weighing 18 tons landed in the Atlantic ocean. According to the resources available, it was by far the largest space junk or space debris that ever landed on the earth’s surface. Some state-sponsored or private firms are planning to initiate some space debris removal projects for space cleanup. But we don’t know that when this space debris removal will happen in reality rather than just planning.

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