Make Your Today’s Moon Eclipse Memorable With These Fantastic Ideas

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On May 16th, 2022 the Moon, Earth, and Sun will closely align to create a beautiful Moon Eclipse phenomenon. The foremost lunar eclipse of the year will appear and you must witness this celestial process yourself. So, gather your friends, family, children, and loved ones to experience the first total and supermoon eclipse.

Let’s have a look!

How to Watch Today’s Moon Eclipse?

Today’s moon eclipse is a complete lunar eclipse called blood moon eclipse as the Moon will turn beautifully crimson. Visualize a dramatic yet elegant Moon, like in exceptional moon wall arts. Similarly, the Moon will turn into a painting on May 15th and 16th, 2022. So, don’t leave any chance and make your weekend worthwhile by watching the most happening lunar eclipse of the year.

Note: You don’t need special gear to watch today’s moon eclipse as it’s completely safe to watch.

So, gather your loved ones outside and some viewing ears to enhance your focus on the Moon. For example, carry lunar eclipse-watching glasses, binoculars, and even telescopes. Photography enthusiasts can bring excellent phones and cameras to take night shots of this brilliant occurrence tonight.


The Timing of Today’s Lunar Eclipse

Follow this detailed guide on the timings to witness the very first red supermoon of 2022. So, follow this predicted timeline:

  1. Moon will start to experience the penumbral shadow at 20:32 CDT. The transition is very slow at this stage, and it’s tough to notice this change from Earth due to clouds and other factors.
  2. The three bodies will gradually come into major alignment at 22:29 CDT till 00:55 CDT. The Moon will meet the umbral shadow and turn darker. During this phase, the Moon will dive deeper into the penumbra. The shadow on the Moon will intensify, and you will notice depth on the western side.
  3. Until 01:50, you will notice an umbral shadow on the Moon, unique, deep, and dark. The Moon is in the State of totality when it’s fully immersed in Earth’s shadow. This will be the epitome of today’s beautiful Blood moon eclipse, which will be larger than life and make you wonder about the reality of this universe.

As the dawn starts to emerge, the eclipse will gracefully fade away from the sky. Then, finally, around 04:00 CDT, the year’s first and incredible lunar eclipse will vanish forever.


Totality is Worthwhile

Today’s moon eclipse is a total moon eclipse which means the sun and Earth will completely overlap the Moon. When their alignment is not complete, it leads to various beautiful other types of the lunar eclipse known as the ring of fire, annular eclipse, and diamond.

Coming back to today’s lunar eclipse, it’s completely total and very rare. The rays of sunlight will reflect through the Earth’s atmosphere and produce warm colors on the Moon, which will be out of the world. The hues will be a mix of gray, orange, and even pink called the Red Moon.

The factors responsible for this unique color are the atmospheric constituency of the Earth. Clouds, humidity, pollution, and many other factors can affect the Moon’s color during the lunar eclipse. So, whatever you call it, Supermoon eclipse, Total moon eclipse, Blood Moon eclipse, or even Flower moon eclipse. It’s the same thing.


Tips and Tricks For Watching Today’s Lunar Eclipse

Follow this checklist for an enjoying today’s lunar eclipse:

  • Always check the weather beforehand and make the arrangements accordingly.
  • ● Always double-check the total lunar eclipse timings in your time zone, as it can vary greatly according to the location.
  • Always find a spot for viewing the eclipse beforehand. It should be free of any obstructions like trees or buildings.
  • Try to add this lunar eclipse to your memories by taking amazing photos. Capture shots of the Moon and your loved ones and convert them into memorable photo prints for lifetime recollections.
  • Lastly, place chairs, viewing gear, drinks, and food for enjoying quality time.


In Last Words

The first total lunar eclipse of 2022 is all set to embrace the three heavenly friends earth, Moon, and the sun. So, gear up and inform your loved ones to watch the amazingly warm and crimson Moon tonight! Have a happy lunar eclipse watching!

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