A Rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse of 2023 April 20 – Date, Time & Place of Occurrence

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Just like each and every year, we have a glimpse of at least 4 eclipses on Earth. Out of four, two of them will be solar eclipses and the other two will be lunar eclipses. In 2023, the first solar eclipse of this year will occur on 20 April 2023. It will be a hybrid one.

One can say that this type of solar eclipse is a mixture of an annular and a total solar eclipse. On this day, this eclipse will begin as an annular solar eclipse. Then, it will become a total solar eclipse and finally end as an annular solar eclipse again.

In this exclusive article, I will walk you through each and every major and minor detail regarding the hybrid solar eclipse of 2023 April 20. This celestial event will be visible from some places, and from some, it won’t. WHY? Well, don’t worry, we will talk about this in a later section.


When and Where to See the Next Hybrid Solar Eclipse of 2023?

Just because of the fact that the earth is round when half of the planet is living in the darkness, at the same time, the other half is enjoying the daylight. Therefore, as a result of the earth’s curvature, and, of course, the earth’s tilt, this annular-total solar eclipse of the sun will be visible only from some specific geographical locations.

Visibility of Hybrid Solar Eclipse of 20 April 2023

Image Source: Fred Espenak

The visibility of this eclipse of the sun will solely depend on the fact that where on the earth you live upon. As per Fred Espenak (a retired American astrophysicist and NASA Scientist), this annular-total solar eclipse will be visible in the North West Cape peninsula and Barrow Island in Western Australia, eastern parts of East Timor, as well as Damar Island and parts of the province of Papua in Indonesia.

Timing of Hybrid Solar Eclipse of April 20, 2023

According to the data available on timeanddate.com, on Thursday, April 20, the partial solar eclipse will begin at 01:34:26 UTC. After that, the full eclipse will begin at 02:37:08 UTC. Not to mention, the maximum eclipse will occur at sharp 04:16:53 UTC.

At last, this totality of the sun will end at 05:56:43 UTC following the end of partiality of the sun at 06:59:22 UTC. In order to understand it more clearly, refer to the table given below.

Eclipse Timing of Solar Solar Eclipse of April 20, 2023

 Eclipse EventTime (UTC)
1.Partial Solar Eclipse Begins20 April, 01:34:26
2.Total Eclipse Begins20 April, 02:37:08
3.Maximum Eclipse20 April, 04:16:53
4.Total Eclipse Ends20 April, 05:56:43
5.Partial Solar Eclipse Ends20 April, 06:59:22


Some Exclusive Facts About Hybrid Solar Eclipse of 20 April 2023

Here are some of the most important and exclusive characteristics and facts about the upcoming eclipse of the sun.

  • The eclipse magnitude is 1.01320.
  • This eclipse of the sun belongs to Saros 129 Table and is number 52 of 80 eclipses in the series.
  • On this day, the Sun is in the constellation Aries.
  • Gamma has a value of -0.39515.
  • We will also witness a penumbral lunar eclipse just after two weeks i.e on 05 May 2023.


Safety Issue

Is it safe to look at any type of solar eclipse without special glasses? Well, in my view, it’s a BIG NO. You should never try to look directly at the solar eclipse. However, if you really wanna take a look directly at this celestial event, you should definitely wear protective eyewear or special eye to protect your eyes. WHY???

Because the intensity of light released during any type of solar eclipse can severely damage your eyesight. Not to mention, it is perfectly safe to look directly at any type of lunar eclipse. At last, I wish you good luck with this epic sun gazing. And, do let me know about your astonishing experience in the comment section.

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