Dot Product and the Magnitude of Quantity: A Brief Review

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Dot products are also known to be scalar products. Dot products are used to solve the scalar quantity, and you only need the magnitude to solve the scalars. You don’t need the direction of the amount, as we are dealing with scalar amounts. You can find the magnitude of the two vector quantities by the dot product.

You can use an online dot product calculator to find the solution of two vectors. Dot products are also known as scalar products “ Scalar product of two vectors equal to magnitudes of two vectors. The dot product defines the product of the quantities and their relevant impact.

We are elaborating on the concepts of the dot product and their application.

The formula of the Dot Product:

The formula for the scalar multiplication of the two vectors is as follows:

a.b = |a| |b| cos Q


a.b= dot product of two vectors

|a| and |b| = magnitudes of the vector a & b

Cos Q = The angle between the vectors

The dot product calculator assists to find the angle between two vector quantities.

θ= Cos-1 (a.b) / |a| |b|

The |a| |b| represents the magnitude of the two vectors and cos θ denotes the cosine of the angle between both the vectors and a.b

Example of dot product:

Consider there are two vectors

a = (2,3,5)

Dot products are also known as scalar products “ Scalar product of two vectors equal to magnitudes of two vectors.

b = (-4,3,5)

You can find the scalar product of two vectors by the following process.


Step 1:

You need to multiply the first elements by each vector.

So, (2)*(-4) = -8

Step 2:

In the second step multiply the second elements of the vectors.

So, (3)*(3) = 9

Step 3: Now multiply the third component of each vector.

So, (5)*(5) = 25

Step 4:

Dot product = (-8)+(+9)+25

Dot product = -8 +9 + 25

Dot product =a.b = 26

Multiply all the elements of the vectors to determine the dot product of two vectors.

You can find the angle between the vectors by the formula given below:

Q= Cos-1 (a.b) / |a| |b|

Application of Dot Product:

The various applications of the dot product and their application in the scalar product.

The dot product represents the magnitude of the two vectors.

  • The dot product assists in measuring the angle formed by a pair of vectors and the position of a vector relative to the coordinate axes.
  • Dot product measurements assist in finding vectors that are perpendicular or parallel to each other.
  • Many other physical quantities are defined as a dot product. Like mass, length, time, speed, temperature, etc.


The dot product is used to describe how closely two vectors align in terms of their direction. The solution of scalar quantities like speed and power time is found with the help of a vector dot product calculator. A dot product is commonly used to find the magnitude of two scalar quantities and the angle between these scalar quantities.

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