6 Products of Solar Energy in Daily Life

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Wanna know what are the most common products of solar energy in our daily life? If yes, then you are at the right place at the very right time. In a world full of dust and pollution, of course, due to the excessive use of non-renewable energy resources, what we need to do is to switch to solar energy.

By definition, solar energy is the energy that we get from the sun in the form of heat and radiation. Out of all the renewables, solar energy is the most reliable, cheaper, cleaner, and most importantly, reduces the burden from the shoulders of non-renewable resources like coal and petroleum products.

6 Products of Solar Energy in Daily Life

No wonder there can be so many products of solar energy. Out of all, I will be discussing with you the Top 6 applications or uses of solar energy that we see in our day-to-day life. Let’s dive right in…!!!

  • Rooftop Solar Panels
  • Solar Lights
  • Solar Water Heater
  • Portable Solar Batteries
  • Solar Ventilation Systems
  • Solar Swimming Pool Heaters


Rooftop Solar Panels

Image Source: The Environmental Magazine

A solar rooftop has the ability to electrify your entire home. No wonder the initial cost of installation could be overwhelming. However, once installed, in a long run, not only these solar rooftops will drastically reduce your electricity bills.

It will also help us to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels that are continuously degrading our environment. Just to mention, if you generate electricity more than you need, you can simply sell it to the nearest power grid to your home. In fact, installing solar panels at your home can drastically increase your property value.

Not to mention, in order to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels for electricity generation, different governments around the world are highly incentivizing and giving tax benefits to those who are installing solar panels for home or commercial purposes. These tax rebates and incentives are actually making solar energy more affordable. Therefore, I would formally request you to switch to solar power: a never-ending source of clean energy.


Solar Lights

Image Source: lovePROPERTY

Even after getting high tax rebates and incentives, some of us are still not able to afford a complete solar panel system for our homes. I mean installing a complete solar panel system (solar rooftop) can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars. So, what do we do now? Should we continue to use non-renewable resources to power our home appliances? The answer is NO.

Instead of buying a complete package, we should start buying small and affordable solar products. One of the small and affordable solar products is solar lighting. A solar light would cost you somewhere around 20 to 25 dollars that we can all afford. Just to let you know that the working principle of solar light is the same as that of solar rooftop panels.

The only difference is the use of the number of solar cells. Solar lighting has its own solar cell and a small battery. A solar cell converts the energy of the sun into electricity and stores it in the battery for later use. In simple terms, solar cells charge the battery during day hours and use it to power the solar lights during the night.


Solar Water Heater

Image Source: Go Smart Bricks

With ever-growing technological advancements, the market price of solar water heating systems is going day by day, making it more affordable for common people.

Again, the working principle of a solar water heating system is the same as complete solar rooftop panels. The only difference is that these water heating systems do not come with battery storage. In other words, it only heats in a day time.

However, there is nothing to worry about. The water storage of these systems is quite well insulated. Meaning, once you heat water in the daytime, it will stay heated throughout the night hours.


Portable Solar Batteries

Image Source: TheNextWeb

One of the best and the most economical examples of solar energy is the use of portable solar batteries. They are most commonly used to power up our day-to-day life electronic gadgets. Not to mention, with portable solar batteries, you can easily charge your mobile phones, tablets, etc.

In fact, devices like calculators already have solar batteries installed in them for decades. On the other hand, if I talk about the recent development in the field of portable solar batteries, an Apple smartwatch comes with solar batteries or cells.

Well, I would simply say that the day is not far when we will be having solar-powered mobile phones or laptops that will simply reduce our dependence on non-renewable resources for charging our phones, tablets, or laptops.


Solar Ventilation Systems

Image Source: SatPlus

The next one up in my list of most common uses of solar energy in daily life is the use of solar ventilation systems that helps us cool off our house during the summer season. As I said earlier, installing a whole rooftop solar panel system could cost you thousands of dollars.

However, you can easily install a solar attic fan that can simply reduce the burden of your electricity bills. So, how does a solar ventilator system works? It works the same as all the solar products works. A solar ventilation system has solar cells which capture the energy of the sun and transform it into electrical energy to power the small fan.

Therefore, as a result, these solar ventilating systems blows stale, hot air out of your home, and draw fresh air inside. Apart from being used to cool off small homes, these systems are also used for industrial purposes.


Solar Swimming Pool Heaters


Last but not least one in my list of top 6 common examples of the use of Solar power is swimming pool heaters. In fact, you would be amused to know that, unlike all the other solar products, this one actually costs less than their conventional ones. In other words, these swimming pool heaters are actually cost-effective as compared to conventional gas or oil-powered swimming pools.

It will cost you somewhere between $2500 to $4000 to buy and install it in your home. According to energy.gov, solar swimming pool heaters are one of the most cost-effective uses of solar energy in some climates. So, how does this solar product works? Of course, you know how…!!! It works the same as all the other solar products works.

A solar collector (having so many solar cells) captures the energy of the sun and transforms it into thermal energy which is later used to heat the water. Just to let you know that there are two types of solar swimming pool heaters. Active solar heaters and passive solar heaters.

In active solar heating systems, a mechanical pump is used to circulate water. On the other hand, in passive solar heating systems, water is circulated naturally.


Some other Products of Solar Energy:

Apart from the above-mentioned applications or uses, I am also mentioning some of a few here.

  • You can cook food using solar energy
  • Solar-powered transport system
  • Solar fridge
  • Thermostats
  • Solar-powered rechargeable flashlights
  • Hot air solar systems, etc.

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