Compare and Contrast Balanced and Unbalanced Forces

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What’s the difference between balanced and unbalanced forces? A force in simple words is defined as a push or a pull. In some cases, forces are responsible for making an object move, while in other scenarios, forces are responsible for changing the direction of an object, slowing it down, or stopping it from moving ahead.

👍 Gravity is the perfect example of a force that has a tendency to pull all the objects on this globe toward the center of the earth. To better understand the concept of both forces, let’s dive deep to break this topic down!


Balanced or Unbalanced Force with Examples

It would probably have occurred to you that a child would constantly challenge his ability to push, pick or pull an object. It fails in every way, not to mention the object is not a soft toy, but it could be a wooden trunk or a gate, or even a rock.

The mother goes barging towards the child to restrain them from doing so because it could come to a time where the child could injure him/her by doing that act.

Here is another example

If you have seen the Avengers movie Thor asks all his Avengers friends to pick the hammer up but no one is able to do it Captain America does nudge but he sarcastically lets Thor have the fun. 

👉 It is because of balanced or unbalanced forces.

A balanced force is when an object is at rest unless and until a force or velocity acted for it moves from point A to point B. Let’s revisit Thor and Hammer, Hulk, and Iron man tries but fails to move the hammer IS a Balanced force.

When Thor holds the same hammer from resting to its uprising position, it is an unbalanced force. A balanced force is an object, which is immovable because there are two acts of force in one, which is gravity pulling down and the other is forced upwards.

Both are balanced out in such a way the object does not move at all. It stays at rest. An unbalanced force is when the force acted upon moves in the direction and not a state of rest is unbalanced.


A Historic Perspective about Balanced & Unbalanced Forces

Over the years, we have heard about Newton, Einstein, and Galileo, to name a few scientists, which we believe have changed the face of this universe, and come up with theories, which we apply in our day-to-day life.

Before we could represent Newton, three laws of motion. Let’s start with Galileo – he represented a game of marble when falling from an inclined plane rolling down from the mountain. Its velocity increasing thus it is in an unbalanced force until it moves into resting on an ideal place frictionless surface becomes a balanced force. 

Still, is it a dilemma to understand balanced and unbalanced forces?

Don’t fret

Here I make it easy for you to understand the concept of both forces in tabular form. Let’s see the Difference Between Balanced and Unbalanced Forces in Tabular Form.


Balanced vs Unbalanced Forces

 Balanced ForceUnbalanced Force
1.All the forces on the object are zero.Not all the forces on the object are zero.
2.Balanced forces are immovable.Unbalanced forces are movable.
3.The magnitude of the balanced forces is always equal.The magnitude of the unbalanced forces is never equal.
4.There is no velocity in a balanced force.There is a velocity in an unbalanced force.
5.There is no change in motion.There is a change in motion.
6.A person sitting inside a motorcar is an example of a Balanced force.When the motor car applies a break a force is acted on the person sitting inside moves a bit is an example of an unbalanced force.
7.There is no change in state.It is an object which accelerates the object.



Let’s find out if you are able to figure out which is a balanced or unbalanced force

  • You are at a supermarket, and you move the trolley with the 1st item in your trolley is a 5kg rice which is unbalanced or balanced force?
  • You are playing an instrument. Let us assume a guitar, which part of a guitar is balanced, and which part of the guitar is unbalanced?
  • You are watching a movie while eating popcorn, and part of the popcorn is at rest.

Newton’s First law of motion…

An object remains at a constant state of rest or in a uniform motion along a straight line unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.


My Take on this!!!

In our daily life forces are all around us. We use various forces to perform multiple activities, be it lifting, pulling, pushing, turning, opening, closing, or even moving. When you start noticing different forces, you will eventually realize there are a lot of forces that exist in the universe!

If you want to clear the practical aspects of these forces, think about all the forces in your daily life while performing various chores. All we need is someone like Newton or Galileo to recognize those forces! 😆

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