Examples of Circular Motion in Everyday Life – Top 6

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Wanna know what the top 6 circular motion examples in everyday life are? If YES, then you are at the right place at the very right time. But, before going ahead, let me give you a short and crisp review about the fact that what the heck is circular motion anyway!!!

By definition, Circular Motion is a movement of an object along a circular path. Not to mention, there are two types of circular motion. These are Uniform circular motion and non-uniform circular motion.

The primary difference between uniform and non-uniform circular motion is that uniform circular motion is a motion of an object along a circular path at a constant speed. On the other hand, a non-uniform circular motion is a motion of an object along a circular path at a variable speed.

Examples of Circular Motion in Everyday Life – Top 6

If you think, you can’t relate to circular motion examples in everyday life. Well, here is your chance to think again…!!!

  • Satellites orbiting around the Earth
  • Stirring Food
  • Boomerang
  • Revolution of Earth around the Sun
  • Driving a car
  • Giant Wheels

Satellites orbiting around Earth

Image Source: Universe Today

We live in a technological world and that said, the internet is facilitated by satellites. In the current world scenario, we are affected by the internet in one way or another. The satellite revolves around the earth in nothing but circular motion.

However, in more technical terms, the perfect word for the motion of satellites around the earth is Orbital Motion Interactive. In addition, not only satellites are useful for providing us with internet facilities. They are also responsible for weather forecasting and many more super-sophisticated technologies we use in our day-to-day life.

Stirring Food

Image Source: Depositphotos

During cooking food, you normally use the oscillatory motion or circular motion. For instance, when you stir a cake batter or tea, the mixture will tend to follow a circular path that is equidistant from a central point.

In fact, there is a lot of mechanical equipment invented to perform the same purpose. For instance, for better performance, there are several blades introduced to serve the same function. We also use this concept in a Salad Spinner.

The Salad Spinner generates a fast enough rotating speed that dries the lettuce leaves. The ideal idea is that it generates enough force that will break the weak hydrogen bonds that helps water to cling to the lettuce leaves.


Image Source: Experian

Confused? Okay, let me explain…!!! Boomerang is a captivating phenomenon that is very exciting. This is because you have to throw something that comes back to you after following a curved path. Curved motion is a motion that segregates into a curvilinear motion.

This is a common phenomenon though not very common in our daily lives. Apart from the Boomerang, we also have another game that is the Discus Throw. The release of the discus throws is facilitated by the centripetal force caused by the arm of the athlete.

Earth revolving around Sun

Image Source: Astronomy Trek

This one is the most common example of circular motion. At one point in the day, one has to see the sunshine or the daylight. And, this is attributed to the circular motion of Earth around the Sun. In fact, not only the earth but all the planets in our solar system are set to revolve around the sun in an orbit that is fixed.

Okay, let me correct something here. Neither earth nor any planet revolves around the sun in a circular motion. They are rather following the elliptical motion as per Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion.

Driving a Car


Driving a car concept is all based on circulatory motion. In this technological generation, everyone is using a car either daily or once at a time. For the driver to slowly turn a car, he/she has to use the steering wheel. The steering wheel turns the wheel of the car using a circular motion.

In addition to that when driving a car, the wheels of a car are circular. Thus due to the power and torque of the engine, the wheel will rotate and that will also cause the car to move. The rotation of the wheel is what we call a circular motion.

Giant Wheels

Image Source: CNBC

I understand that some of you have gone to amusement parks. As a kid, you had an opportunity to use the giant wheel. This is one of the perfect applications of Circular motion in our daily lives.

The cabins are attached to the rim of a giant wheel which will then move in a circular path. The circulatory motion of the cabins can be observed in the movement of the giant wheel.

Some other Circular Motion Examples in Real Life

Apart from the above-mentioned examples, find out more examples of circular motion in real life. These are:

  • Bladed Ceiling Fan
  • Revolution of the moon around Earth
  • Banking of a car
  • Electrons revolving around the central Nucleus
  • An athlete running on a circular track
  • Banking of a car
  • Rotation of Earth on its Axis, etc.

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