Top 6 Examples of Non Periodic Motion in Daily Life

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Wanna know what are the top 6 non periodic motion examples in daily life? If yes, then you are at the right place at the very right time. But, before going ahead, let me give you a short and crisp review about the fact that what is non periodic motion anyway!!!

By definition, non periodic motion is a motion that does not repeat itself in equal intervals of time. In general, one can simply say that this type of motion is completely the opposite of periodic motion.


Top 6 Non Periodic Motion Examples in Daily life

If you think, you can’t relate to examples of non periodic change in real life. Well, here is your chance to think again…!!!

  • Swaying Branch of Trees
  • Turbulent Motion of Aircraft in Clouds
  • The Game of Curling Stones
  • The motion of the Soccer Football
  • Dancing
  • Eye Movement

Swaying Branch of Trees

Image Source: Live Science

I bet we all have seen palm trees on the coastline sway when exposed to the strong coastal winds. When exposed to strong winds the movement is not predictable because they don’t sway at regular intervals.

This is what qualifies the movement of the branch of trees to be non periodic in nature. Not to mention, the motion of wind is also non periodic. WHY? Because the wind is unpredictable, therefore, doesn’t move at equal intervals.


Turbulent Motion of Aircraft in Clouds.

Image Source: Aviation Voice

We all have had that turbulent motion in the flight as the airplane reaches the clouds. The turbulence that occurs might be uncomfortable depending on the level of the turbulence in the plane. This includes moderate, severe, and extreme.

Moderate turbulence is a result of a slight change in altitude. When the airplane has moderate turbulence it can’t affect the control of the plane. Despite that, the passengers can have a very intense motion.

The other turbulence is severe; these are usually large variations that are indicated by the airspeed and they are caused by large and abrupt changes in the altitude.

Under this turbulence, at times the airplane might be out of control. Lastly, we have extreme turbulence where the airplane can be tossed violently and it’s impossible to control the airplane. The motion as a result of this turbulence in the flight is a non-periodic motion.


The Game of Curling Stones

Image Source: Smithsonian Science Education Center

At one point in our lives while growing up we had the opportunity to curl stones. In the game of curling stones, the stone is made to slide through the surface of water or a sheet of ice. During the game, the player induces a curved path called a curl.

The curl makes the stone slowly turn as it slides. There are so many forces that are involved in the curling stone game. One of the major forces is the centripetal and centrifugal forces. Despite having these forces, we also have to focus on the motion that these forces create.

When the hands release the stones the speed of the stones will decrease. This speed is unpredictable and this is what makes the motion to be nonperiodic. The speeds also decrease without any consideration of time.


The motion of Soccer Football

Image Source: Bloomberg

A ball exhibits motion when kicked by a player or just a normal person. The motion of the ball also meets the non-periodic rules. Obviously, you would be thinking how…!!! Okay, let me tell you how!!!

When the ball is in flight mode, it will rotate about the center of gravity, therefore, exhibit a circular motion. On the other hand, as the ball moves through in the air, the speed is unpredictable at all times. Therefore, one can say that when the ball is on the ground it exhibits a lot of non-periodic motion.

In addition to that when the soccer player is playing i.e running for the ball and making dribbles on the ball, we can also consider this as a non-periodic motion. In other words, you can’t predict the next move for a dribbler. This is because dribbling doesn’t occur at regular intervals of time and it’s also irregular.



Image Source: LifeGiva

We all had the opportunity to dance or even visit the theater to watch the dance moves. It’s very rare for a dancer to repeat a certain step through the complete dance. This also makes the motions for the dance moves to be non periodic.

As technology grows various careers are also emerging. One of the emerging career trends is the dancing career. Most of the latest dance moves require different speeds and techniques. Therefore the motion of the dancer is not uniform, hence, non periodic in nature.


Eye Movement

This is one of the hilarious examples, cause it’s an example that no one had ever anticipated. Your next movement of the eye can’t be anticipated cause it’s controlled by different emotions.

Despite that, the movement of the eye moves at different speeds and can’t predict the movement. For instance, when in a relaxed mood the movement will be slow and comfy. When in a tense mood the movement will be fast cause you are always on the lookout. Well, if you do not believe me, try it out yourself…!!!


Some other Examples of Non Periodic Motion:

Apart from the above-mentioned examples, I am also mentioning a few here.

  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Fighting
  • Eating
  • Walking
  • The motion of Wave, etc.

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